2:00 pm

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By the time we got down to 冷水坑, it was already close to 2! I couldn't believe that it took us about 3 hours. We did take quite a bit of stops for photos however. On average it should only take maybe 2 hours.

J and I wanted to go to 竹子湖 to eat the local vegetables (炒青菜), which was a tradition on every Sunday for my family while growing up. My parents, siblings and I would hike and then get lunch from local restaurants in the mountain.

Auntie A-Feng took us to one that she recently visited. We started with hot vermicelli soup. It immediately warmed us up from the cold wind. We ordered 3 vegetables dishes (only native to Yangmingshan), mountain chicken, stir-fried octopus and squid with basil, and mushrooms. We ended the meal with hot sweet potato soup (sweet and ginger-y). SO good!

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