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Our first stop was Jiufen. I had some fond memories here when mom took me on a trip with her friends. I remember the beautiful fog that rolled into the mountain at dusk while we enjoyed traditional tea on a tatami. I had looked forward to visiting Jiufen again with J.

This time, Jiufen was packed with tourists from Hong Kong and China. We took a shuttle into the mountain and squeezed through the crowded and narrow alleys. Jason pointed out his recommended street food stands and took us to the tea house that we would later have tea at. We dropped off our luggage and went off to enjoy street food on our own.

Firs stop, Taiwanese meat ball soup (gong wan) - 貢丸湯. Then we went to have Ai-Yu 愛玉 (jelly drink with lemon/passion fruit), vermicelli, fish ball soup, and stuffed tofu. We then ate a Taiwanese crepe with peanut powder and ice cream, and finished off the eating with sweet bean soup with taro mochi 芋圓.

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