02 Dec 2014

Taiwan 臺灣 by isabelle


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We took the red line to go to Danshui. We strolled around Old Street and got various street snacks (潤餅, green onion pancake, chives dumplings). It felt intense walking through a traditional market - the majority of the vendors sell freshly-caught seafood, and there were a lot of people. Motorcycles also tried to squeeze through the already-narrow lane.

We walked along the golden coast and shared a grilled squid. On the way back we got some iron eggs and bought ginseng Oolong tea (loose leaves). It was a windy day, but nothing we aren't used to from SF.

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Shilin was on the way back. Since we still have a couple of hours before meeting Caleb, we decided to go around Shilin night market.

First stop, some hot tea right off the train station. I got a Tieguanyin tea latte (觀音拿鐵) and J got a ginger milk tea. Their menu includes many types of premium tea that I have only heard of but never tried. It's just amazing that boba stands provide such high quality tea everywhere in Taipei (not just sugary syrup added into one or two types of tea). I'm going to miss this for sure.

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The underground food court was new to me. It was kind of odd walking through it - it was as if one guy owned the whole court and all the different vendors. Everyone sold the same menu and felt very touristy. We didn't get anything and went back up to the street.

Upstairs, we got some fruits because I wanted to eat 蓮霧. J and I had some miscommunication so we both thought the other person wanted to try more fruits. We ended up getting way too much pineapples, mangoes, shijia 釋迦, and lianwu 蓮霧. Oh well. Good to eat some fruits since our diet has been mainly consisted of carbs and meat here.

We walked around the streets and learned to eat duck tongues. J also got a meat bun and are some 螺 (snails). I like this night market the best so far.

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The red line took us to Taipei 101. We were 30 minutes early so we walked around the ground floor of Taipei 101.

Caleb was aready waiting by the time we came out at 7pm. He took us to the Shanghainese restaurant. It was so good catching with Xinhui and Caleb's parents.

We had a lot of food but namely:
東坡肉 with buns
Seafood soup
Tofu stew
Drunken chicken

Everything was delicious and light. The 東坡肉 and drunken chicken were the best we have had.