05 Dec 2014

Taiwan 臺灣 by isabelle


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We drove to Yangmingshan National Park and started at 小油坑, where it's famous for the hot air coming out of ground and the vocalno part of the park. It was really windy. Auntie A-Feng and Wendy decided to stay in the car while J and I hiked to Qixing Peak.

There were a lot of stairs but with beautiful views. Our route was to get to the main peak, hike to east peak, then down to 夢幻湖/冷水坑. Auntie A-Feng and Wendy would meet us at 冷水坑. We ended up skipping 夢幻湖 due to time restraint. I loved the scenery and the hike.

Star 1


By the time we got down to 冷水坑, it was already close to 2! I couldn't believe that it took us about 3 hours. We did take quite a bit of stops for photos however. On average it should only take maybe 2 hours.

J and I wanted to go to 竹子湖 to eat the local vegetables (炒青菜), which was a tradition on every Sunday for my family while growing up. My parents, siblings and I would hike and then get lunch from local restaurants in the mountain.

Auntie A-Feng took us to one that she recently visited. We started with hot vermicelli soup. It immediately warmed us up from the cold wind. We ordered 3 vegetables dishes (only native to Yangmingshan), mountain chicken, stir-fried octopus and squid with basil, and mushrooms. We ended the meal with hot sweet potato soup (sweet and ginger-y). SO good!