09 Dec 2014

Taiwan 臺灣 by isabelle


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The chefs are retired teachers who want to promote their tribal culture and food. They grow everything they serve.

The mountains and vegetation looked wild around us.

One of the best dishes was the fish soup. It was cooked in the traditional A-Mei way. First you put raw fish filet into the hallow bamboo with water, then you put hot stones (which have been burning on the stove for the last 3-4 hours) into the bamboo. The fish soup boils and vegetables were added in. Not a lot of seasoning was required, and the soup was cooked with the minerals and infused with the bamboo. It was so good. We also had a lot of vegetables that I have never seen. The chef joked that since A-Mei tribe was known to grow and eat mainly vegetables (rather than a hunting tribe), when in a natural disaster, you will never be hungry if you follow an A-Mei.