11:30 am

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We arrive panting and sweating at Thong Lor Soi 13, where there's a complex called Seen Space. It's home to a number of chic boutiques and eateries, and we're here for brunch at Roast.

Sadly there's an hour's wait to get into Roast, so we head to a cafe called Mr. Jones' Orphanage for some air-conditioning in the meantime. Been to the outlet at Siam Center and I think it's more gimmicky than anything, but it's the best option we've got*. The whimsical playland concept is lost on me.

While waiting for our apple and date cake (blah) to arrive we notice a tin mug filled with toy soldiers. That's when things start to get fun.

*Because I'd completely forgotten about After You cafe across the road! Ugh!

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