4:00 pm

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We flag down a cab outside Seen Space to get to the Khlong Lat Mayom floating market, and encounter our second rogue taxi driver of the trip. He takes us to a pier and tells us that we'll be able to board a boat to the floating market. The taxi leaves after we pay the fare, and we find out that the pier sells only Chao Praya river tours for exhorbitant prices (we're talking USD60 per person) and of course we refuse to buy into their ploy, walking angrily out of the place.

We then realize that we are completely lost. Double ugh. Thankfully we spot these two boys dressed in lion dance costumes who look like they're heading home after practice, and we follow them back out into civilization. We walk towards the State Tower (that towering building in the distance with a yellow dome) to ask for directions to the nearest BTS station. And to use the bathroom hehe.

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