10:30 pm

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Getting to Talad Rot Fai night market wasn't easy - we took a cab from On Nut BTS (pronounced "On Noot", in case you're wondering) and said "Seacon Square" and "Talad Rot Fai" to several drivers, even showing them the Thai translations we'd gotten the staff at the BTS station to help us write.

Took us about 15 minutes before we finally found a driver who knew where we were trying to get to. He took some seriously dark roads and I thought for a fleeting moment that we might be trafficked somewhere. Unlike the two taxi drivers we'd encountered earlier he turned out to be a decent guy, and we alighted across the road from Seacon Square, following the crowd across the footbridge and towards the night market.

The market was crazy crowded. Talad Rot Fai had a hipster slant to it, and there were things like from guitars to motorcycles to antiques being sold. Several live bands were performing in random cafes as well. There was also a shop selling lovely vintage skirts in one size only, as we've come to expect in Bangkok. When we asked about a particular skirt, the salesperson pointed at Weiqi and said "Too big", then pointed at me and said "Too small." Bahahaha rude :(

This is also not a place where you'd want to use the bathroom. Just sayin'.

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