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I was last at Platinum back in November and it was packed with tourists. Had to squeeze through a sea of people to get from shop to shop.

The crowd is gone now. Two people were killed by a bomb at the nearby Big C supermarket last week and most tourists are staying the hell out of this area. I don't think I'm being foolhardy - I'd decided to come here because as of yesterday protests in the city had been consolidated into a single one at Lumpini Park. And if you've experienced the warmth and kindness of the Thais, you'd know that it's atypical of them to resort to violence. The bombing was an isolated tragedy. Life has to go on, or the bad guys win.

But enough preaching from me. I breeze through three levels of shops at Platinum, stopping only occasionally. Too lazy to browse properly so after buying just one top I get bored and decide to cross the road to Petchaburi Soi 19 for some braised pork rice at the famous wanton mee place. It's closed for the day, and I am filled with sadness.

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