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Technically the mango rice is dessert, but judging from the serving size I think it's meant for sharing.

I tuck into the pad thai as soon as I've switched on the air-conditioning in the apartment. And taken the picture below. And washed the cutlery. Digressing again.

The pad thai is superb. Blows the one at Pad Thai Thip Samai out of the water. Warm, fragrant noodles that are firm to the bite. It's also kind of gross that this is my second pad thai in five hours.

The mango rice is also excellent. I took care to drizzle only half the amount of coconut milk provided but I think that was plenty enough. The crispy mung beans made for a delightful contrast to the sticky and chewy texture of the glutinous rice. Mangoes were fresh, soft and sweet. Amazing.

So happy so happy :)

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