05 Mar 2014

Bangkok by findingmomo


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When checking in I had told the lady at the counter that Weiqi had returned on an earlier flight and would not be taking the seat she had reserved next to mine.

Biggest mistake ever.

Had the worst flight of my life back to SG on SQ. To sum it up there was a man sitting next to me who appeared to have a flu and was sniffing a pungent ointment (smelt like a mix of rose syrup and thinner) throughout the flight. Couldn't ask for a change of seats because the flight was overbooked. I tried keeping my breathing to a minimum (hahaha ridiculous right) but the sickly sweet scent was so strong I could taste it in my mouth.

The stewardess serving us also largely neglected me in favor of the sick man, who was white. "Cheers!" she said with a wink after handing him his order of red wine, before she moved on to the next row without asking me what I wanted. This happened more than once. Didn't tell her off only because I was oxygen deprived hahaha.

Didn't touch the in-flight dinner at all - not that I was supposed to anyway, but still :( - and ran for the bathroom as soon as we touched down at Changi.

Haha sorry this journal has to end this way. It was a great trip overall but the flight back left a nasty aftertaste. Oh well. May the next flight be a better one.