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Housemade lavash and baguette.

Ordered a stubborn mule -- Cock and Bull ginger beer and lime juice (really limey, which is nice with my food but maybe not for everyone)

Ryan is having a dirty martini, no vermouth.

Much angst over what to order, so many great options. Porcini Mushroom bread pudding in broth, what?

Starting with locally farmed kale salad with house-cured anchovies, sugared olives, lemon vinaigrette. Tasty, but I wish we had three times as much and they should skip the weird mayo thing at the bottom of the bowl. Easy enough to eat around but we weren't sure what they were going for flavor wise, and the kale was already nicely dressed.

Ryan says: first experience with anchovies since a rather unpleasant and embarrassing encounter in the 5th grade. Overall -- it went really well. Highly recommend.

Then on to the hanger steak since we had popcorn and Pringles for lunch.

It was guaranteed to come on a mound of vegetables. Every fruit and vegetable we've had since coming to town has been insanely flavorful so we're trying to get as much as we can during our short sojourn here.

Ryan's paella not very successful. My hanger steak was ridiculously good. Had an awesome crust, just the right amount of char and salt. Au jus was plate-licking worthy, roasted potatoes were brilliant, tasty, tasty skin. Only rec is to tell them easy on the blue cheese. There was a LOT.

Rhubarb tart was quite tasty, Ryan's volcano chocolate cake was also yummy. Coffee is Stumptown and GREAT. Such a perfect end to the day. So sad to leave tomorrow, and already planning our next visit.

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I love your Portland explorations and explanations. Thanks for sharing!