23 May 2013

Portland by mandalam


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Straight from the rental car to this spot for some refreshments.

This was my first introduction to salumists - thank you to all the lovely folks at Olympic Provisions who devote themselves to the perfection of cured meats. My happy hour sampling included:

Pistachio terrine
Pork rillettes
House salami

paired with

Pickled rhubarb
House Pickles
Mount tam

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The Nines was all booked (but after checking it out in person decided it would have been too sceney for us anyway).

Next best option looked like The Benson, every president since Taft has stayed here along with Madonna. They must have spectacular presidential suites b/c the plebeian rooms were pretty dated. But clean which is what I care the most about.

I think next time we'll just do the Ace even though it makes us feel like the ultimate hipster cliche. Either that or we might try the Monaco if we can get a deal.