25 May 2013

Portland by mandalam


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Here we go again, but with 1200 reviews and 4.5 stars on Yelp, feels like we are obligated to pay a visit.

The hype definitely outlived the food. I think the vegetable sides at night are what the critics love about this place. Ryan's gravy was pretty bland, my oatmeal was cooked with water, and the drool-inducing description of the praline candied bacon was not the least bit crispy and waaay too sweet.

Breakfast corndog and hush puppies with maple cane sugar glaze sounded lovely but was also so-so.

Cool presentation on the chicken and waffles but it looked a little dry and we didn't see any eye-rolling ecstasy from the diners around us who ordered it.

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Boutique speed shopping continues...

Frances Mae
My favorite assortment, reminds me of boutiques in Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

Lots of Raquel Allegra, Wood wood (new brand for me. I picked up the softest, thinnest black merino sweater from them. And 15% off b/c they were doing a Memorial Day block party sale)

Addendum, love my sweater even more now that I looked up the brand and see they're from Denmark!

Fun collection of home accessories and children's things.

Tender Loving Empire
Card press galore, turn around and gawk at the life size cardboard ape sculpture over the door.

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Ryan was clever enough to download a few episodes of King of Thrones from iTunes while we had our high speed downtown hotel connection.

Settling in for the night with some fancy popcorn we picked up from a food truck in the city. And some Pellegrino we grabbed while still in civilization.

Sweet jalapeño lime popcorn and a bottle of fizzy water. Money.

Btw Portland has an unreal food truck scene, 600 of these little trailer hitches sprinkled across the city.