14 Feb 2014

San Diego by isabelle


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Oh how we miss having real California burritos!

I turned to John, "wait should we have this right before a black tie concert?" And I shook my own question out. I didn't know why I asked. I had planned to eat as much Mexican food as possible this weekend! Maybe because I was used to eat light right before concerts, but a California burrito was worth it. Seriously I devoured mine. It's something we can't find in NorCal.

So happy afterward.

P.S. Their California burrito comes with guacamole and sour cream by default.

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This would have been the 80th soirée for music lovers concert. Paivikki made this concert into a memorial concert dedicated to János. It was a beautiful night of love and music.

It was a little weird to hear Schumann piano quartet andante without János. I know his sound, and without him, the harmony with Paivikki and Cecilia was not the same. Yet, what a heart wrenching and nostalgic performance with a perfect portrait of that sense of loss.

The concert was well programmed. I love the contemporary music pieces too - especially the viola solo. The sitar concerto was awesome too.

The concert was followed by a reception with champagne and cake. It was so great to give Paivikki a big hug in real life and catch up with her and many other UCSD colleagues and professors. I'm grateful for the years of friendship I was lucky to have with János and all the Soirée friends.

It was a special way to spend our Valentine's evening - so much love was there.