San Diego

By isabelle

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Oh how we miss having real California burritos!

I turned to John, "wait should we have this right before a black tie concert?" And I shook my own question out. I didn't know why I asked. I had planned to eat as much Mexican food as possible this weekend! Maybe because I was used to eat light right before concerts, but a California burrito was worth it. Seriously I devoured mine. It's something we can't find in NorCal.

So happy afterward.

P.S. Their California burrito comes with guacamole and sour cream by default.

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This would have been the 80th soirée for music lovers concert. Paivikki made this concert into a memorial concert dedicated to János. It was a beautiful night of love and music.

It was a little weird to hear Schumann piano quartet andante without János. I know his sound, and without him, the harmony with Paivikki and Cecilia was not the same. Yet, what a heart wrenching and nostalgic performance with a perfect portrait of that sense of loss.

The concert was well programmed. I love the contemporary music pieces too - especially the viola solo. The sitar concerto was awesome too.

The concert was followed by a reception with champagne and cake. It was so great to give Paivikki a big hug in real life and catch up with her and many other UCSD colleagues and professors. I'm grateful for the years of friendship I was lucky to have with János and all the Soirée friends.

It was a special way to spend our Valentine's evening - so much love was there.

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I warned them about the possible wait at the restaurant and was hoping that, on a Sunday evening, the line would be shorter. I was wrong.

After waiting in line for about 30 minutes, Mian and Gary found out that we could skip the line and go to the bar, where people could order food. The challenge would be to find seats by the bar, but they managed to grab four seats.

The BBQ was great. Worth lugging through the airport every time I come to San Diego for work anyway. ;) The colleagues all agreed at the end of the meal.

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I took Mian and Gary through Warren College and introduced to them about the engineering buildings, including the art installations of the fallen star, seven sins, and the rock near. Then we walked up to the Geisel library, and I explained about the intentional contrast from the rustic tree right at entrance to the modern architecture. I also told them about the singing tree in the forest. We went to the old graffiti staircase but sadly the school had reprinted everything white.

Good old memories from the alma mater.

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As the flight stewardess passed peanuts and pretzels around, I realized that would be the first intake of food I had all day. I went cycling today too. This is definitely abnormal - I was too excited today, I guess. By the time I landed, it was already past 9pm. I had dinner at PF Chang's.

It used to be such an inside joke but tonights's meal surprisingly exceeded my expectation.

I had vegetable handmade dumplings and oolong marinated Chilean sea bass.

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Kristie was waiting for me by the time I walked off the plane in San Diego. Both of our flights were on time. We headed to get the rental car.

We actually had a big lunch with the team in San Mateo. I wanted to take her to Pomegranate however. I figure we would be hungry by the time we were seated.

There are still signatures from guests on the wall, but I noticed mine from my farewell party years ago was painted over, since the red paint looked fresh.

We got Borchst, dumplings, Georgian Eagle (slow cooked chicken), and lamb. So yummy.

Love this place, and happy to share the time with Kristie.

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Busy busy day.
We started with the knowledge transfer meeting at 9am, which was followed by the iteration planning session. We let the engineering managers practice the temporary roles they have to fill in upon my departure.

For lunch, a group of us just walked over to the mall to get food. Nothing fancy due to the time restraint.

Got palak paneer, tandoori chicken, yellow rice, and mango lassi. Lassi was just ok, so I didn't finish it. The food was not spicy enough but glad I had a choice for Indian food for what it is (fast food.)

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Trung took me to Donovan's for a farewell dinner. We kept it small and invited Alistair to join us.

Goodbyes are hard, especially with someone I worked with through BrightCloud's early 10-people days, Webroot acquisition, personal milestones (Trung and I both got married!), career growth, and to the team's size today. I will miss everyone, but I'm excited for the new chapter.

We got scallops as a shared appetizer. A bottle of Zinfandel. I got a ribeye with Au gratin potatoes and a side salad. We ended the meal with a shared Julian apple pie with ice cream.