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(This post was called "Prep Day" and was moved from the 27th of June in order to line things up better on the blog)

Well the boys helped pick out snacks and lunches for the car on Sunday - and they cleaned up their toys in the house so I could vacuum and mop. Today is the day before - prep day. Making sure everything is in order: laundry, food, cat care, car tech, petrol, clothes, stuffies, and SatNav programmed with CFOne discounted Petro Canada stations en route. Hey - it's 10 cents off per litre at these places.

The boys will be home at 2000 hours tonight at which point the bedtime routine will be in effect. I'm anticipating a rough couple of mornings over the next few days adapting to the new morning routine of wake, PT, eat, and hit the road. They're not really morning people - unless there are video games to play...and that's going to be limited anyway. The earlier we're on the road, the earlier we can get off the road. I'd like time to enjoy each town, hotel, pool, or whatever we happen to find.

We've other games to play in the car and things to do...and staring out the window and thinking is, I think anyway, an important thing to do once in a while. Besides, there's so much to see along the way - at least in good sized doses as the scenery changes.

Laundry and final packing are the order of the day right now....and the prep continues.

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