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It’s just about midnight and due to the delay in engine number one starting, we are just now getting our dinner - the good news, special request meals get served first! A perk of being gluten-free!

Since both Maureen and I were freezing, I truly welcomed a warm meal- home cooked or microwaved I don’t really care what it is at this point.

Prior to digging into our dinner, drinks were served. White wine and a warm cup of tea are the perfect remedies to heat up the soul!

For our gluten-free dinner, we are served a fruit salad, garden salad, a rice cake (which tasted like cardboard) and a gluten-free ravioli in a roasted red pepper vodka sauce.

While the meal was NOT gluten-free and vegan, it was vegetarian and again- it is a warm meal!

Upon tasting, the dish was actually rather good! A couple hours later though, and I was extremely ill. The gluten-free provided meal did not sit well with me at all! Maybe it was the dairy or the mix of eating fruits and vegetables all in one sitting that my dosha didn't find fun.

Thank you, American Airlines for a fairly decent in air gluten-free dish!

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