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London was, well an interesting time for Maureen and I.

We got to experience the London Tube (public transit system) which had to have told us maybe 100 times to “mind the bump” or should I put it into English, the gap between the train and the platform.

Once we found our way into the city, it was maybe 2 minutes before this guy informed me “your looking lovely today” damn it- why can’t this happen to me in the states?!?! Maybe I should have acted on it - he could have been my prince charming.

I was trying to find some non-tourist things to do and I was actually really excited for high tea, which I reserved for Maureen and me.

Upon arrival, they let me know that they messed up our reservation and that they did not have us reserved for high tea, but rather just a lunch service and couldn't accommodate a high tea request last minute.

Instead, we wondered the odd streets of London's dreary, rainy skies and happen to find a 100% gluten-Free joint, Beyond Bread! I rocked a gluten-free falafel sandwich, but man it was a tough call because their goodies looked amazing and hard to find in the US. Prices seemed pretty fair as well.

Then, while sitting down for a bite to eat, I received an email that our Free Walking Tour had been canceled. So now we just decided to wander the streets and find a good tea and coffee.

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