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Argh- after having much success in navigating the streets of a foreign country, we had officially found ourselves lost. Ever so kindly some of the wonderful citizens “google mapped” our destination- only for us to discover this particular Vantra restaurant location has closed.

Maureen and I dove back into a department store to steal some of their free wifi so we could touch base with Kaitlin.

We decided to head to towards Vantra's second location and mapped everything out, saved screenshots of the map and off we were. Being about 95% certain we were going the wrong way, we tried to confirm with some pedestrians- unfortunately, they either have no idea about the streets of London (which for God’s sake, I can see why) or they found it amusing to confuse travelers. Either way, Maureen and I were misguided.

Finally navigating ourselves back, we literally “ran into” Kaitlin on the streets of London only to be delivered some additional bad news- the second location was also temporarily closed in preparation for their new site.

Boo! Whatever, it was not about the destination as much as it was about seeing Kaitlin. We made our way down the block and on our way towards a London pub, we found Rawligion- a 100% gluten, vegan, and organic establishment. Why not check it out?! It is not a “drink” but it is some yummy, fulfilling food! Which, I know I am an oddball, but I prefer good food to an alcoholic beverage any day!

I couldn’t resist but try their spicy jackfruit sandwich- say what?! Two gluten-free sandwiches in one day- unheard of!!

Kaitlin treated us to some raw delicious desserts and pointed us in the right direction towards our train route.

Xoxo, Love you KG and see you soon! Thanks again for everything.

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