9:30 pm

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When one says “the London public transit is crowded” - they are underestimating the craziness of the London Tube.

I had armpits in my ear, feet on my thighs, passenger bags up to my ass and hats in my eyes. This was a cattle-shoot that everyone was eager to, for some reason, voluntarily join in on the fun.

Maureen and I kept waiting for passengers to exit, allowing more breathing room for us and of course, the additional passengers to come aboard and instead- one way or another, somehow we continued to be slammed into additional tightly packed meat patties.

When you think matters couldn’t get any worse, the current train (ETA to Heathrow Airport terminals 1,2,&3 around 7:00 pm for our 7:40 pm boarding) derailed and had us exit to another platform not clearly marked for the terminals of interest to us.

Finally, the “help” on duty, pointed us in the right direction. We joined the crowd and voluntarily smashed ourselves into meat patties and patiently waited for the doors to close.

Watching our clocks and realizing the time was slipping away, a couple more minutes of our patience gifted us with yet another opportunity- the chance to be even more patient. Bahahahahhahaaaha

We derailed yet again. Trying to hop over to platform 1 and in desperation- or maybe frustration at this point, trying to squeeze our way in- we did not make the cut and needed to once again platform hop.

Amen, Alleluia, Praise to all the higher beings above- we are on a train that has closed its doors and started it’s journey to our final destination.

Maureen, actually appearing rather calm - had to know the deal with my anxiety of being fronted with chaotic- disorganization - when my Project Manager mindset has already come up with 5 great alternative ways in which to handle the situation.

Again, counting some of the little blessings, we thankfully didn’t get stuck in Terminal 4 for 8+ minutes- which we had been forwarned happened on a regular basis.

Arriving at Terminal 1,2, & 3 at 7:40 for a flight boarding at 7:50, we checked in and asked for assistance on where to retrieve Maureen's checked bag.

Splitting directions- Maureen retrieved her bag and I headed through security. After some fun there- we eventually reunited and found ourselves safely aboard our flight to Colombo Sri Lanka.

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