9:00 am

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As I mentioned in the prior post, our driver left late last night and never returned- as there is a gas shortage here and he was waiting for the tanks to be filled and then for his chance to fill up- but 9:30 am came around still no driver and the next ETA was 4 additional hours later and so the equation equals out to a Nicole learning to be patient but really her anger was beginning to emerge.

Maureen no longer felt comfortable with my recent habit of wondering so we needed to create a new plan.

We told our driver that we would get our day started and that he could meet us out - but reimburse any additional charges we had to incur for travel- clearly, our driver was not so pleased to hear we would be cutting into his costs.

Maureen and I tucked into our Villa mates ride to center city Kandy and enjoyed a nice sightseeing, just as our driver returned back to our Villa to begin our day.

Once finally reunited- we had a boatload if things to cover. Seriously, too much to see with so little time.

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