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Poor Maureen is not loving the local Sri Lankan rice and curry!

Our driver suggested this place for lunch - although I do not think he was too familiar with it himself.

We walked in and it looked like they were getting ready to close the buffet for the day, but we snuck in. I provided my trusty gluten-free translation card to them and they went through what was and was not safe for us to eat and most of it was gluten-free friendly.

As we sat down to eat, the owner and his children joined us. His English was not excellent, but we could converse a little. Oddly enough, the owner had an infatuation with my pen so I lost my one and only pen on this trip.

Not 100% sure what I ate, but it was pretty good and pretty affordable at $1.89 per person.

I know I had rice, green bean curry, pumpkin curry, I think a parsley sambol or maybe a mallung and another green dish of some sort. I wouldn't say this was my favorite, but it wasn't bad.

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