9:00 pm

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Eshan asked us about dinner and knowing that Maureen hasn’t really been eating, I asked for a non-curry option.

After eliminating curry and gluten, this appeared to be a bit foreign of a request for a Sri Lankan. Eshan was determined to help and actually found us some street food. Something of which, as a gluten-free gal, I didn’t imagine possible...even in the US. Marking this one off the bucket list!

The man (Chef) forgot the curry, or chili sauce to go with the hoppers so I ate them plain and had fruit (baby bananas and a mango to go with them). Apparently, it is common to have bananas and honey with just about everything!

I must say the fruit stall Eshan picked was lacking in choices and rather expensive, even for American money... but I later found this to be a thing - fruit was just expensive in Sri Lanka and comparable to what it would cost in the US.

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