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Maureen wasn't feeling here A++ self-today- we started early, missed coffee and a proper breakfast and spent 8-hours on a train.... can’t blame the girl for wanting to call it an early evening.

We had our driver take her “home” where I quickly dropped my bags and headed out to provide her some much-needed downtime and Eshan (the driver) and I headed off to find a good local eatery.

He took me to one of his favorite places - which, I am learning they charge locals less for everything, so keep this in mind and haggle EVERYTHING, including your meal!

Anyhow, while Eshan went to park, I showed the woman my handmade gluten-Free translation card and she looked at me, smiled and said- come!

She headed towards the back of the restaurant, opened a pot lid and said, rice you can eat with coconut gravy, next pot lid quickly is removed and she notes, Dahl, is good for you. Moving along, “you like beets?” My response “YES!”, breadfruit curry- this is good for you! You like? Yes- I’m loving please fill me up!!!!!

She piled my plate full of white rice and all of the additional accomplishments and then sent me off to my outside seating (my favorite) table where I was brought a coconut gravy.

Now I am really trying to embrace eating only with my hands and I do so with most of my foods at home, but I seem to struggle with rice and she could see that. A set of silverware was brought to me to wash in the hand-washing sink located, like most, next to the guests’ tables - as a means to wash their hands prior to enjoying their meals.

I must say- traveling or home- this was my very first solo meals out and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The food was one of my favorites of the entire trip!

The breadfruit curry was outstanding as well as the coconut gravy, and well, okay, all of it was amazing,

Sadly, this joint had no name (or at least not one written in English) for me to recommend to all!

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