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With the long flights, car rides and now plane rides - my miserable hip pain that I have been fortunate enough not to experience in the past couple of years, was coming back to pester me!

So when I finished my dinner, I asked Eshan to help me find an affordable Ayurvedic Spa that was still open.

The first place we found was a rip-off and even Eshan couldn’t work a deal with them so we headed out for another option- getting later in the day- I was a bit worried most places would have already closed.

We tried one more place that appeared to be open and I was able to haggle down from 4000 lkr to 1,500lkr ( under $9.76 USD) for a one-hour full body massage.

Now for the bad news, the staff had already left and I had only an option to book for tomorrow- which I couldn't do because we needed to head south pretty early... thankfully, the owner decides to provide the service herself!

An hour later and I was feeling much better!

Heading back to our hotel, Eshan let me know that he received a call and Maureen was headed down in a tuk-tuk. I simply assumed it was because she was feeling better and wanted a nice dinner herself.

This was not the case- she was not okay with our prior accommodations and made a booking elsewhere.

We traveled together so we stick together - pulling Maureen back into our car we went back to retrieve my items before canceling and checking out her new booking.

Thankfully, the last place lets us just walk out and cancel- even after Maureen had used their showers).

Sadly, Maureen’s new find didn’t have accommodations for Eshan so back to booking.com where we found a hotel that made everyone feel more comfortable and also had a place for our driver!

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