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We had discussed going to Cinnamon Island, but I think our driver was well aware that cost was sometimes a thing to be considered on our end and instead- he drove around- pulling over often to communicate with the locals and instructed us that we had arrived but would need to walk a bit.

Hmmm- this doesn’t look like where I would board a boat to the island- but I’ll go with it.

Eshan, who informed us that his friend had a cinnamon farm, started to educate both Maureen and me as we walked through the Cinnamon tree fields.

I had just been reading the night before how it is not allowed for tourists to set foot on the actual plantains these days but all of the sudden, they were herding us through and what do you know?- our driver arranged for an up close and personal 1:1 cinnamon making tour!


So first things first. Grow trees. Then harvest them, prune or cut the trees down, and then soak the trees.

Once soaked, you scrape off the bark and then dry them.
Then scrape some more and then stuff, roll, and cut.

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