12:00 pm

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We made it! After a week on our own and many many hours in transit via many different methods of transportation, we had officially arrived at our final destination - Sion Surf Camp.

While we waited for the remainder of the group:
Gina, Anna Marie, Nate, Stacey, Kelly, myself and Maureen - I took the opportunity to sit, relax and soak up the sun!

I also indulged in the Today's Special Vegan (made with coconut milk) smoothie.

The resort group had finally all arrived and was ready for a quick yoga session!

All seven of us (including Gina) were blessed to practice yoga on an enclosed rooftop deck which provided for the perfect sunset view!

After yoga, we still had a bit of time until dinner. This gave Kelly and Stacey time to rest. Maureen time to move out of our room and into her own private air-conditioned room and Anna Marie, Nate, Gina and I time to sit and drool over what smells had emerged from the kitchen in anticipation for our very late dinner!

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