7:30 pm

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7:30 pm and dinner is served!

All retreat members (there was also an all women’s group and a couple additional guests) share a family-style meal that is a western-focus and dominantly western gone bad.

The locals here really don’t do western well - but local cuisine is an excellent treat.

Since the main option was not gluten-free friendly, I was served my very own spread and let me tell you- I felt spoiled and very loved. Food is clearly the way to my heart!

I was served rice, green bean curry, Dahl, and for first time on this trip a salad, and eggplant curry- which was out of this world!!

I had preferred some of the prior green bean curries and Dahl that I had while traveling Sri Lanka - not that this was bad- just not the favorite from my travels but their eggplant curry was out of this world!

I had to have had 3, maybe 4 servings before passing it off to the table for sharing.

Since it gets very dark early here (around 6 pm), there isn’t much to do in the evenings so most retire to bed early.

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