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This was very difficult on many many levels!

They have over 600 dogs and never enough time to provide them all with the love and attention they deserve!

Some dogs are disabled. Some dogs are just in need of a home. Either way, this was emotionally very hard for me.

The past couple of years I had dealt with (and overcome many) anxieties but one of the anxieties I struggled with was an over-compulsion for cleanliness and being around 600+ dogs really had my anxiety sky-rocketing.

That and the recent adoption of my Lutana, an abused pup herself, I really found it emotionally draining to see how poorly people treat animals and then to watch Flo and Maze (the main employees for Animal SOS) give up any financial freedom to live and eat with these animals to ensure that they receive a proper chance in life, well, it is just amazing to me! It humbles me and makes me want to be a bit less selfish than I am today.

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