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Today we head back to the dog shelter to show some affection to some of the disabled (giving them some donated dog treats) and help bathe the disabled and some of the puppies!

Still really not feeling well and recovering from my sunburn, I laid low - cuddled with a couple dog friends in their compound and then helped take photos during bath time. It was a life-changing experience to watch all of the volunteers interact with the dogs!

I actually recall there being one dog, Sirruby (?) who was recovering from a skin disease, leaving her bald and filled with scabs. Normally, when volunteers come to bathe her, they are certain to wear gloves - not because it is contagious, but because it is mentally hard for humans to digest sometimes.

Anne Marie on the other hand, said, no to the gloves and was able to provide some much needed skin-to-skin contact that Sirruby was in need of. She was one of the more beautiful dogs at the shelter and will forever be remembered, in my mind, as the "ugly duckling".

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