2:00 pm

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Normally, after you volunteer at the Animal SOS Shelter for a 1/2 day or more, you join the team for their lunch - but today's lunch was not very filling or Nicole-Friendly.

Once back at Sion Surf Camp, we all swarmed the bar like starving beasts! Again, the lunch menu here is heavily western-focuses and not very Nicole-friendly and my go-to Ollie was enjoying mowing the grass. I did find the owner and she was extremely helpful in placing a lunch order for me- BUT it never came so we had to reorder it and the chef came out personally to make sure I enjoyed it!

My meal today was, rice, cucumbers, tomatoes, balsamic salad, okra and a beet curry (with a nice spice to it). This meal was would rank as of my favorites and the rest of my team was envious!

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