4:30 pm

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Yoga on the rooftop pavilion was beyond welcomed since I missed this morning’s early class due to the stomach issues.

Prior to this retreat, I hadn't had the honor of taking Gina's class for almost a good 6-months and it is inspiring to see how much she has grown as a person, as a yogi, and as a leader.

Her teaching style is unique compared to most. Every class is begun with the question "what do you need?" and all students are welcome to share what it is that they need at this present moment - be it emotional, physical or spiritual. The class is then created on the fly (how many yoga teachers do you know that can successfully pull this off) based on everyone's' needs.

While Gina is a hands-off teacher and I do tend to miss some of the physical adjustments, they are typically not needed in the alignment aspect, as her queues guide you to where you need to be, I just tend to miss the hands-on adjustments for the human connection that I enjoy during yoga.

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