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We started it and we will win it!

It is the competitive American way in me. And after having had a couple days to conjure up some pretty fabulous ideas, again, the American way of thinking erupted - “sex sells” and the girls voted we do a boob Sion Surf sticker submission.

Having already offended a couple of the locals this week with my weight, I thought it would be best if I sat this one out. Although, I was damn proud of myself because the decision was solely made on the basis that I did not want to offend anyone rather than feeling uncomfortable in my own body. BUT- to ensure I still maintained a part in this submission, I was more than happy to be the photographer and do a little photo editing.

Within no time, the submission was submitted and we knew we had the win “in the bag” at this point.

We shared our entry with the staff of Sion Surf and we were soaring in confidence!

Those boys though, you could see ideas brewing in their heads. And of course they would try and compete- but again, the American way will prevail, “sex sells and female sex sells more so than male sex”.

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