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I am coming to a good place in my life, understanding my limits, what I enjoy, and what I might need in the present moment- I decided to pass on volunteering at Animal SOS Shelter today.

Instead, I went back to my room. I took a short nap. Got dressed for the day. Did a private mini yoga session. Headed back to Sion Surf Camp to touch base with the rest of the team on if they would be joining me for lunch or eating at the shelter.

As I entered the gates back at Sion, I noticed the gardener skip back to the kitchen- it turns out, he was kindly informing the chef that I had arrived and was likely ready for a gluten-free and vegan lunch.

Within moments, the chef came out to personally check in with me and I will never turn down food, so I was ready and excited to see what today’s meal was.

Today I was brought out a plate of rice, deviled beets, jackfruit curry and a side salad.

I am really loving their many takes on beets!

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