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After a night of partying for the group - my roommate snored all night and the girls next door, they invited one of the “wild” dogs to join them for a good nights rest and used a frisbee to provided water for the other who remained outside.

Their hearts are truly filled with gold and I am sure having spent time at the S.O.S Animal Shelter even more so expanded their “parental-sense” for these dogs. I am humbled to call them friends.

I headed off for breakfast and figured I would likely be solo- BUT found a couple strays made their way over - some still a little drunk - some, the hangover was starting to set in.

As I sit here for my last morning at Sion Surf Camp, I think to myself, "Man, am I going to miss having tea and breakfast made for me"- it’s a rare treat for me and the Sion Surf team did an excellent job accommodating.

The "Nicole-Safe" food was an amazing and unexpected benefit to this trip- I couldn't help but sit there a bit somber. I’ve gotten to know most of our group fairly well and I have grown very fond of having friends and someone to eat each meal with. Back at home, I currently eat by myself, and usually while watching tv or researching articles- instead of sitting and enjoying my meal and perhaps another’s company.

Reflecting back, one of my Sion Surf Camp's favorite breakfasts was the red rice and coconut with fresh island fruits!

Today's breakfast menu "Nicole-Friendly" items brought us string hoppers, Dahl, spicy coconut sambol and fresh fruit.

I think I ate a bit too much with the thought in mind, "This is it, this is my last Sri Lankan breakfast, take in as much as you can!"

But I did enjoy another cup of Ceylon tea, local honey, and black pepper (I've got to increase my brain functionality".

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