10:30 am

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I was blessed with a number of adventures this trip - honestly, I accomplished more on the wish-list than I thought even possible. Again, many thanks to those that help make it happen!

This morning no one was feeling their 100% after the long night / early morning and we found ourselves just sitting near Sion's beach- taking in the last sight- of the deep blue ocean. I am not a typical beach gal, but I have to admit, sitting here feeling the waves through my hair, the sun wrapping my soul, the sound of waves crashing and the sheer beauty of the local surfers dancing the waves - was tranquil. It stole my soul and placed me in a very peaceful state of mind.

On our way back to our rooms this particular morning, the tree monkeys were a bit rambunctious! I started to recall the advice the rest of the group provided - "Monkeys like food and shiny things and they will attack them." SO..... since I was walking solo, had bananas stashed in my bag and a shiny cell phone in my hands, I darted through the land of monkeys very quickly!

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