6:30 pm

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Most of us returned to our rooms to take the time to pack up and take a short nap.

We awoke to our last communal 30-minute yoga class and then off to Sion to meet with Emma (our adopted UK team member, soon moving to Italy) and we once again hopped on the crazy disco-themed Sri Lankan buses.

Our group felt comfortable enough to do so with Gina along with us since our recent bus experiences have been anything but smooth. Yes, I would chalk them up to an adventure- but smooth was not happening for us and we needed to get to dinner and back in a timely manner.

We made it to Mirissa (the most touristy spot I had visited thus far) and known for their whale watching. In our quick walking around, I would say, I found some cool places I would have liked to visit, but again, back to a very touristy area - which is what I try to avoid when visiting new areas.

Those in our group that needed the ATM ran over real quick before we found our way to the recommended Little Tuna restaurant. (Special thanks to Jess, the yoga instructor at Sion Surf Camp for the recommendation).

What an adorable place! All seven of us ordered a massive amount of food and drinks for under 100 USD! Impossible in the US!

I ordered a pineapple, ginger and a mint smoothie (since they were out of coconut) and the beet roll minus the egg and mayo and added an avocado.

Sadly, I was feeling very ill and wasn’t able to enjoy this dish as much as I had hoped for. I look forward to returning soon because the few bites I did manage to get in where amazing!

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