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I arranged with Maureen’s and my prior driver to pick us up for a discounted rate of 7,000 rupees and no tolls- other drivers charge double and you are responsible for all tolls.

Our driver was unavailable but he sent his friend in a fancy van.

He arrived early BUT the Sri Lankan Buses! We had gotten on one that once again, would not let us off- thus running very late to meet our driver but it all worked out!

We said our goodbyes to the team and off we were.

I fell asleep for most of the drive and then work up abruptly and BOOM I was tossing my cookies!

It was a good thing I had gotten my dinner to go and had a bag available!

Our driver was awesome and just kept asking if I was okay. Stacey and Kelly helped me through it all- even carrying my luggage at the airport and getting me checked in. Prayers and thanks go out to them!

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