2:00 pm

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My first flight of the trip was delayed, which then caused a miss in connecting flights, which, the airline already anticipated such and changed our flights without notification.

As I entered the London airport, still feeling very ill and fatigued, I was detained by security - likely due to my illness.

I finally made it through security and was trying to figure out a flight that would get me home,

I walked for about 20 minutes to where the cranky women told me to and I find out this was very wrong and I would need to go back my 20-minutes get a train, take a shuttle and then go through security again (get detained, again!) then walk another 15 minutes!

I was feeling a little stressed, a bit annoyed, and exhausted!

Oh, and I was told they would no longer be able to accommodate a gluten-free meal. Question, if you anticipated that we would need to change flights so you reroute us, why wouldn't you also reroute our meals?! British Airways, oh how I do not love you right now!

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