08 Nov 2017

Sri Lanka - Getting Lost In Travel by nfiamingo


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I spent most of the flight asleep, in prep for avoiding jetlag and now it was time to awake and adjust to the new time zone. The food wasn’t anything to brag about but it was food - honestly, I was a bit jealous of the other's local Sri Lankan menu options.

And after a long 13+ hour flight and sitting next to a good looking 30-year old male arborist who literally talked my head off- I’m ready for sleep!

Oh and the best part of the flight, when the guy next to me fell asleep with his head on the call button so the steward attempted to awake him, but he was in a deep sleep.

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YEA! We made it after a long journey!

Now we were sure to cover some of the necessities:
- SIM cards changed - allowing us data, local calls, etc. for the duration of our trip.
- Currency exchanged - to date, their currency is not allowed out of the country so you must wait to exchange at the airport.
- Figuring out traveling options and we are off - on our way towards Kandy

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Maureen and I both agreed that our appetites were getting a bit angry with us and it was time to find something delicious!

We asked our driver to help us find a good place for a late lunch and he pulled up to a cute little place on the side of the street.

We explained to the owners our food allergies and they showed us that we were safe.

On the buffet menu we had: Rice, fried rice, Dahl, jackfruit curry, green beans, spinach, onion salad - spicy and yummy

Our unlimited lunch buffet cost us 400 rupees or $2.61 USD

I had seconds and then some and then to calm the heat in our mouths from the amazing spicy jackfruit, we indulged in Sri Lankan baby bananas.

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Villa Kamonrich. Basu Karunathilake - the owner.

After a long long drive- seriously haggling our deal for a private taxi for the next four days was the perfect way to go! We could not imagine finding this place on our own, as the driver himself had a very difficult time finding our Villa.

We were tired and ready for a nice shower!

We met the owner, a 23-year old whose parents were both in the medical field, his father had recently passed (Maureen and I gathered it was a form of cancer) and his mother purchased the hotel for him to run. He was very polite, professional and knowledgeable in the area.

He even saved Maureen's and my butt, by writing in Simalese, what Maureen and I could and could not eat on our gluten-free diet! I used this message in every establishment moving forward!

Our stay was lovely, we paid $15 USD per night - could have added a breakfast or dinner for an additional 600 rupees ($4.00), the place was very clean and we just enjoyed our morning and evening views!