14 Nov 2017

Sri Lanka - Getting Lost In Travel by cocofia


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Delicious hoppers and a spicy spread. Even though I had read that hoppers are more of a lunch and dinner specialty - Sion Surf Camp provided us a treat for breakfast!

I loaded mine with a spicy Sri Lanka’s pounded onion and chili sauce known as lunu miris and then had fresh Sri Lankan fruits on the side. Which okay, my dosha type would be screaming, "NO, don't combine fresh fruits with anything and don't overdo it on the spicy!" BUT I couldn't help myself.

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The disabled pups get some beach love.

The animal SOS rescue brought their puppies down to the beach for some fun in the sun, or what they refer to as hydrotherapy.

Harnesses where attached to those missing limbs so that they might have the opportunity to run in the sand.

Life jackets where brought so that all (who wanted) could experience the beach hydrotherapy.

It was a very rewarding experience.

I really enjoyed capturing some of the beauty and love of these pups as much as I enjoyed cuddling and helping these pups get into the ocean.

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Killer bus - literally, the drivers from hell.

The bus pulls over, almost running you over, to not come to a complete stop and you run as you hop in.

Then if they stop at your stop, you dive out of a moving bus.

It was... an experience.

There was a number of times when they wouldn't stop where we wanted to and we would end up walking further than if we hadn't taken the bus.

Some of the buses are fully decorated, disco-lights, TVs, buddhas, etc.

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Ollie helped prepare a Nicole-Friendly dish for me after everyone else had enjoyed a meal out at a place called Mamas. For me, I was a bit nervous to eat here since every dish contained gluten of some sort or another.

It was vegetable fried rice (minus soy sauce) with pineapple and a little added spicy. I was a bit bored with this one, but it was food and I was hungry!