17 Nov 2017

Sri Lanka - Getting Lost In Travel by nfiamingo


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This morning I awoke to a cup of Ceylon tea and thanks to our Ayurvedic cooking class, I knew to add both fresh honey and black pepper to increase brain functionality.

Then the fabulous kitchen staff brought out a fruit salad, which contained bits of avocado in it. I had not combined fruit and avocado prior but I liked it! Ollie then brought out some freshly grated coconut for me to sprinkle on my fruit salad.

Then this morning’s special was brought out and I have ensured it was Nicole-Safe. It’s called Halapa. It’s a traditional Sri Lanka sweet made from ragi flour, coconut, honey and wrapped in a banana or a kanda leaf. These babies are pretty awesome- definitely sweet but oh so addicting.

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We started it and we will win it!

It is the competitive American way in me. And after having had a couple days to conjure up some pretty fabulous ideas, again, the American way of thinking erupted - “sex sells” and the girls voted we do a boob Sion Surf sticker submission.

Having already offended a couple of the locals this week with my weight, I thought it would be best if I sat this one out. Although, I was damn proud of myself because the decision was solely made on the basis that I did not want to offend anyone rather than feeling uncomfortable in my own body. BUT- to ensure I still maintained a part in this submission, I was more than happy to be the photographer and do a little photo editing.

Within no time, the submission was submitted and we knew we had the win “in the bag” at this point.

We shared our entry with the staff of Sion Surf and we were soaring in confidence!

Those boys though, you could see ideas brewing in their heads. And of course they would try and compete- but again, the American way will prevail, “sex sells and female sex sells more so than male sex”.

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I am coming to a good place in my life, understanding my limits, what I enjoy, and what I might need in the present moment- I decided to pass on volunteering at Animal SOS Shelter today.

Instead, I went back to my room. I took a short nap. Got dressed for the day. Did a private mini yoga session. Headed back to Sion Surf Camp to touch base with the rest of the team on if they would be joining me for lunch or eating at the shelter.

As I entered the gates back at Sion, I noticed the gardener skip back to the kitchen- it turns out, he was kindly informing the chef that I had arrived and was likely ready for a gluten-free and vegan lunch.

Within moments, the chef came out to personally check in with me and I will never turn down food, so I was ready and excited to see what today’s meal was.

Today I was brought out a plate of rice, deviled beets, jackfruit curry and a side salad.

I am really loving their many takes on beets!

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The day was a hot one and I was feeling dehydrated- figuring a coconut would be very nourishing, and since Sion had just received a fresh delivery of King Coconuts, I ordered myself one. Especially since the camp’s power was out once again and ordering a vegan smoothie just wasn’t going to happen.

I am beginning to think I have bad luck with the coconuts. Today’s coconut finally had some flavor- but was still not what it should be. Once I drank all of the fresh water, I asked the staff to open the coconut so I could devour the meat- and its meat was no good. Boo!

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I don’t think my body is currently ready for surfing so I figured I would join the group but enjoy some beach time :)

To be honest, I am not sure that surfing is really my thing. I'd rather not get my head slammed by waves, thank you very much!

I opted for some beach time, sure to apply a lot of sunscreen and stay covered with light clothes. I watched some of the local fishermen come back to land and caught a nice chat or two with the other teammates that would come out for a couple minutes break before heading back out to the water.

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Omg and drink specials - I ate too much!

Happy hour was buy 1, get 1. SO........ I mean, "when in Rome..."

The Beach BBQ consisted of the below "Nicole-Friendly" options:

Vegetable rice
Vegetable tempuras (kohila)
Fried plantains and onions
Lotus (?) salad
Corn on the cob - the corn here did fine with my digestive system.
White sweet potato
Vegetable skewers that included jackfruit

I have to say, this was a good meal, but not in the running for my favorite during this trip - which saddened me, as it was my final dinner at Sion Surf Camp. All the good food memories!

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The winner was announced for Sion’s #Stickit2winit competition and let’s be honest, we started the competition and we knew we would have to win it!!!

And... we did!

The guys did give us a run for our money but just couldn’t cut it- "boobs over balls" became the jingle of the evening.

After dinner, live music was played, a fire was a blazing (literally almost impossible to sit next to as the heat generated far too much for me) and drinks were.... well drunk.

It was a good time and I had enjoyed watching everyone letting loose and living in the moment.

I was able to check off another a bucket list item - bonfire on the beach!