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With three hours to kill and 30+ hours of traveling ahead of us, we decided that it would be best to find somewhere cool to relax and reflect on our trip. We ended up going to the cafe where we had breakfast the previous morning since we liked the atmosphere and they had free wifi.

I consider myself a well traveled person and growing up in Peru has given me a certain level immunity to the sights, sounds, and smells of third world countries, but I don't think anything can quite prepare you for your first arrival in India. It's a shock, but one that gradually wears down as you get acclimated (or as acclimated as a foreigner could ever become). Soon you realize that there is an order to the chaos here. The best way I can describe it is as a mass of flesh and steel engaged in a constant, fluid dance to the unrelenting sound of horns and yells, as if orchestrated by higher power. You can attempt to fight it but that will only lead to frustration. Instead you have to jump in and dance along with everyone else. Do that and you'll come out the other end with a deep appreciation for this beautiful country and its amazing people.

India has been, hands down and without a doubt, the single most fascinating place I've ever visited. We only got to see but a small corner of it but I have no doubt that I will return to explore more of this incredible country.

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