02 Mar 2015

INDIA by janosilva


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As we were pulling into town our driver recommended that we get massages done with local oils so after we checked into the hotel we called him back so he could take us to his preferred spot. Other than the practically see through underwear they gave me to wear, which by the way was at least 2 sizes too small, it was a pretty awesome full body massage. And it was only $25 for 65 minutes!

After that we headed to Handi restaurant. We had read about this place and our driver confirmed that it was a good joint. Sara and I split the Tendoori Platter which included Tendoori chicken, seek kabab, shammi kababa, chicken tikka, mutton tikka, and galouti kabab with a side of palak paneer (spinach and cheese in curry sauce). It was good but not amazing. The search continues for somewhere as good as Karim's in Old Delhi.