8:30 pm

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So, for the first half of this week, I'm staying with a friend of mine, Jeffrey who's a professional musician. Right now his main gig is traveling with Scotty McCreery as the band manager and guitar / keys / fiddle / cello / harmonica / etc. player. But he does a lot of other cool stuff around town, too.

Jeffrey helps his two friends, Josh Hoge and Ward Guenther, host Whiskey Jam every Monday night at Winner's bar (which is right next door to Loser's, obvs) on Division Street in Midtown. It's an evening of music -- usually six or so different acts -- where the guys open up the show, introduce each group, and close it down with something (usually hilarious) like a reimagined version of Miranda Lambert's song "White Liar" called "White Castle." It's funny. And good.

Jeffrey usually sings backup / harmony for Ward and Josh, and sometimes a few other acts, too, in addition to playing bass, guitar, cello, fiddle, keys, harmonica, or whatever else someone needs. Jeffrey is awesome and can play ALL THE INSTRUMENTS. Not a joke. Tonight he forgot his slide for one song, so he used a beer bottle... and still killed it. He is kind of the man.

There were a lot of great acts tonight -- a couple of dudes from a couple of (different) seasons of American Idol played, and one not-country band who I really loved.

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