06 Apr 2014

The Great American Road Trip by abbieredmon


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It rained on my first night in Nashville, but my friend took me to a fantastic dinner at Cantina Laredo, where I had the most delicious salad ever, with chicken, mango, sunflower seeds, chard, mixed greens, and a killer dressing. They also made guacamole at the table.

The guy with dreads from DC Talk was at the restaurant, too -- enjoying a birthday party for someone!

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We finished the night at the Patterson House speakeasy.

What an amazing drink menu. Classy place -- with old-school Thomas Edison lightbulbs and bartenders in black vests. Quite slick.

After narrowing down what I liked and didn't like, the bartender made me a citrusy gin-based drink that wasn't even on the menu. It was AWESOME. My friend Jeffrey had a bacon Old Fashioned. That was also awesome.

I've never been to a BAR that seats you. I guess they keep it from getting crowded by doing it that way.

Classy place, y'all!