06 May 2014

The Great American Road Trip by abbieredmon


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When I woke up the day after climbing, I realized how sore I was -- at least everything except my legs is sore. As a runner and cyclist, I know my arms are underutilized, but seriously! Muscles in my arms and all across my back are sore. Climbing really is an awesome full-body workout.

So obviously, I went again today.

I was a little less scared, but it was still difficult. And also still fun!

I started wondering if it would be worth it, in the future, to get a membership to a place like this. It might make sense in the winter; if I end up living somewhere with cold and snowy winters, this would be a fun thing to do indoors that would keep your fitness up a little. When the weather's nice, I think I still prefer to be outside :)