07 May 2014

The Great American Road Trip by abbieredmon


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I should preface this by saying I'm not really a sandwich person. I think they're messy, usually either too dry or too mayonnaise-y, and I don't really eat bread anyway.

This place has delicious sandwiches.

I honestly don't even know what all was on mine, but it was nommy. And the crab chips they have are pretty legit, too. Everything comes in tiny black paper bags, which for some reason I loved.

And they sell water in a cardboard container.

I'd go back.

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I finished work for the day and got ready to go out on the bike this afternoon, only to discover my rear tire was completely flat.


I was planning to take it to a bike shop once I got to San Francisco to get new tires and a tune-up before starting Climate Ride, but I figured this was a good a time as any to do all of that since I had a flat anyway.

So I loaded it into the car and brought it over to Beverly Hills Bike Shop. Conveniently, they were offering a deal on tune-ups, presumably to convince everyone to get their bikes out of winter storage (winter storage? in L.A.? questionable.) and get riding.

I should get it back tomorrow, and I'm planning to go for another L.A. ride on Friday afternoon.