10 May 2014

The Great American Road Trip by abbieredmon


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The final leg!

I wanted to stop to camp in Big Sur for a night on my way up to San Francisco, but all of the campgrounds I drove by were full. That shouldn't be a surprise -- it's a weekend in mid-May with awesome weather!

It's crazy to think I reached my official destination today, 50 days after I packed up my stuff and left Washington, DC.

That's 12 days of driving, and lots of exploring.

I'm doing a recap of my drive in an Addendum soon -- miles driven, cities slept in, and the cost of my trip in gas.

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Had to share some more photos of the drive up CA-1.

I wasn't really familiar with the Bixby Bridge, but damn if I'm not now! It's beautiful! I'd love to see it in some fog or something :)

It just so happened that I drove up to it right at sunset, so that was handy. It was INCREDIBLY windy on a few of those overlook points, though. Like, shaking my parked car and literally blowing me off my feet. Crazy!